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Conference calls & web conferencing Conduct a virtual meeting by phone or computer without paying a monthly fee AND get it recorded for free!

Pay only for the time you use (as little as 8.9 cents per minute). And the best part is your call is recorded and can be downloaded within minutes of exiting. If you need it transcribed, just let us know and we’ll cover it!

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Why fumble around for a digital recorder

– putting everybody on a speaker phone, and getting a recording that includes everything BUT the participants’ voices? Since everybody on your conference will be calling in on their own phone, they will be speaking directly into the microphone portion of their device.

Can your conference call do this?

Schedule calls

Schedule one-time use conferences or apply expiration dates.

Online call scheduler your account gives you the ability to schedule on-time use codes and generates a unique PIN and name for the conference. Other options include setting expiration dates, recurring scheduled calls and more. Use our Outlook Plugin to automate your conference setup. *Not available on Flat-Rate Plans.

Outlook Plugin

Use our Outlook Plugin to automate your conference call setup.

Keystrokes offers a free conference call scheduler through Outlook – this Outlook plugin gives your the ability to send an invitation to your conference call by using your Outlook.

Download and install:

  1. Make sure Outlook is not running.
  2. Download the above file
  3. Select “Run” from the dialogue box that will appear.
  4. After the plug-in has successfully installed, you may open your Outlook.

Using the Outlook Plugin:

You will notice a new toolbar with two icons labeled “Schedule Conference”.

Configure your user preferences:

  1. Click on the down arrow
  2. Select “My Profile”
  3. Enter your conference access number & participant code
  4. 4. Include any additional text in the space provided
To create an invitation:
  1. Click the “Schedule Conference” down arrow
  2. Select the kind of conference you are holding
  3. A calendar item will appear on your screen
  4. Select the date and time of your conference
  5. Confirm the conference phone number and conference code
  6. Add any additional information
  7. Click “Invite Attendees” and enter email address
  8. Click “Send” when all information is completed.

This will send an email invitation as well as a calendar item to your participants.

Additional Features:

  1. 1. Send an email to customer service
  2. Go directly to your customer website
  3. Check for the latest Plug-in update

Multiple conferences

Setup multiple “rooms” to host different conferences simultaneously and stay organized.

Having an account with Keystrokes provides you with the ability to have as many single conferences as you need on your account. This provides the flexibility for numerous people to hold conference simultaneously. And, as always, this service is provided free-of-charge for all of our toll-free accounts.

Call Security/PIN options

Create custom pin codes to increase security and track caller ID’s.

Permission based users
Specific users can be given select access to your online account. Allow users to see only their unique conference; give the account department only access to the billing statement. This feature is powerful for allowing access without compromising your account security.

Billing protection

Accidental calls are not billed. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Sometimes people will call into a conference at the wrong time or because they used the wrong code. If they are the only one on the line, we will automatically drop them in 5-10 minutes so that you are not charged for the call. Also, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your conference call then you won’t pay.


Digital recording with immediate download. Forgetful? Use Auto-Record.

Your account is equipped to record any or all of your conference calls. With the simple click of the mouse or a key stroke on your telephone keypad, you have the record abilities at your finger-tips. Your digital recordings are available for download from your account management site and will be available for 30 days for free download.

Other recording examples:

  • Auto-Record – One thing to not have to worry about!
  • Play into live call – Have a recorded meeting/presentation you would like your audience to hear? Easily play the recording to your live audience.
  • Playback Tree – Have several recordings you would like your participants to choose from to hear? Let us setup a Playback Tree for you at no cost.

Recording playback

Enable participants to call and listen to a pre-recorded conference.

Did someone miss an important conference call? Do you have an announcement you need to post for clients to listen to? Use our conferencing system to record and play back. You call into the conference bridge and record your call or announcement, and then your participants will use a specified PIN to dial in and listen to the recording. (*Note – Flat-rate accounts will be charged a per-minute fee for playbacks.)

Live call screen

View callers and access moderator controls via the Internet.

Exercise total control of your conference call with our exclusive live call desktop controls. At your fingertips you will have the tools to facilitate a live question & answer session, mute and un-mute individual lines, view all participants on the call, enable or disable recording & lecture mode – all with the click of your mouse. Also, see who is on your call for added security and attendance tracking.

Now you can turn off those annoying entry and exit tones that interrupt a conference call because you can see who is on or who has dropped off your conference call with our live dynamic call screen.

Pre-conference/green room

Review last-minute details in a private “green room” before starting your conference .

Enjoy your freedom of speech with Pre-conference. Each conference can be selected to have pre-conference, which allows all speakers and moderator to collaborate together in a separate conference room before the conference begins. with an operators’ assistance. A simple key stroke from the moderator will end pre-conference and the live call begins. At that time, speaker & moderator lines remain open to speak into the conference, and the participants are in a listen-only mode.

Lecture mode

This feature allows you to mute all participants on your call.

Have a special guest speaker or presentation? Use our feature called Lecture Mode. Lecture Mode mutes all participants, allowing each to hear while freeing the Moderator or Speaker to conduct the conference without interruption. This is a great way to structure your call so that you use your conference time most effectively. At the appropriate time, you can begin live Q&A or release the call from Lecture Mode allowing open participation.

Q & A controls

Moderate a Question & Answer session when participants “raise their hand.”

Perfect for large calls, your account provides you with the full function to have your own live question & answer session with an operators’ assistance. Our system allows you to mute all participants for presentation (lecture) mode, and then the operator will selectively un-mute a particular line when there is a question. Participants “raise their hand” by simply pressing *1, and the operator then selects to un-mute the line for you. This feature gives you total control and professionalism of an expert.

Web conferencing

Share PowerPoint, host a poll and text-chat with participants.

Free with all conference call accounts!
No download required, no plug-ins and fully compatible with Windows and Macintosh. Your participants simply go to a web page, enter their participant PIN to log in and view your PowerPoint . It’s that simple!

Web conferencing includes

  • PowerPoint – Share a simple PowerPoint presentation with your participants
  • Chat
  • Polling – A great tool to keep your audience engaged and to find out valuable information. Ask specific questions or setup votes.
  • Live Desktop Controls – Facilitate a live queued question & answer session

Star commands

Use 10 different phone commands that will control various features.

*1 – Dial-Out: Call out to other participants than add them to your conference by pressing *2.
*2 – Record Conference Call: Start/Stop a digital recording.
*4 – Volume: Turn up or turn down your headset volume.
*5 – Lecture Mode: Moderator enables everyone but the speaker to be muted.
*6 – Mute: Mute your line when you’re not talking to eliminate noise.
*7 – Lock: Keep late arrivals from interrupting your call.
*8 – Participant Count: Find out how many people are on your call.
*9 – Terminate Call: Disconnects every line from your call.

International out-dial

Invite callers from all over the world to join your call live.

An international conference call is a great way to help you connect world-wide. With AccuConference you have three options for making international conference calls. Have your international participants call into a direct access number (a 404 area code number based in Atlanta). You can also request special toll-free numbers for 30 different countries (rates are shown below). Or you can dial out to your participants (This way the participant is not charged).

Blast dial / web out-dial

Invite callers from all over the world to join your call live.

Manual – When you’re on a conference call and you’re viewing the live call screen you have access to the out-dial box. Simply enter the phone number of the person you’d like to call and click “GO.” Your participant will automatically be called and when they answer they’ll hear a menu that lets them join, reject, or receive a call-back in five minutes.

Your call is saved and then transcribed

Let us know what your deadline is so we can be sure to return your transcript to you on time. Remember, your calls are saved for 30 days, so be sure to ask for an MP3 copy of your call at no additional cost.

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