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Translation is another passion of ours — any language — from audio, video or hardcopy.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide exceptional service at reasonable rates to a wide range of clients. From business and immigration, to health care and pharmaceutical, we do it all.


Keystrokes believes in providing value to our customers. Our translators and interpreters are certified members. Each member is committed to excellence, and through a network of solid processes, Keystrokes is able to maintain high quality and client satisfaction. Our experienced translators are native speakers, but are also fluent in English so that idioms and colloquial terms are interpreted correctly.

Doing It Your Way

Whether you need it transcribed on paper first, and then translated later, or you plan on sending portions by fax and the rest by email, or something else completely—we will accommodate your needs. We’ll even send an interpreter to your place of business to do on-site interpreting on site—whether it’s a conference or assisting an editor, we’re there for you.

We pride ourselves

on making the process as painless and simple as possible. We’ve even translated portions of a three day conference from Hebrew into English so that the entire transcript is readable in English. Our methodology was so simple, it did not cost the client any more for Keystrokes to hunt for portions that needed to be transcribed. Talk about service!


Our prices depend on your English word document—whether that is the source document or the target document. Pricing based this way may seem vague especially when the target number of words is unknown. So why price this way? Because there is only one price per language, and you can easily verify the final count yourself. And if you need a quote up front for target English words, we have a formula for that.

Here’s another good reason for pricing by English word… Asian languages use characters. Each character is not necessarily one word; it can be comprised of many words. German uses compound words. One word in Arabic can translate to several words in English. End the confusion and find out what your English word count is. Not sure? Get a free quote now!

Our foreign language transcription service prices are based on a per minute rate. We have two basic prices: monolingual transcription and foreign to English translation/transcription. Contact us and talk to one of our service reps to find out what your job will cost. Remember, there is no charge for enhancing audio, if necessary, and there is no charge for multiple speakers.

Translation projects are proofread TWICE

First, by a separate translator, and then reviewed by a final proofreader for fluidity and comprehension. You will work with one project manager (PM) throughout the entire job who will insure that your every need is met.

Your PM will stay in close communication with you in case there are questions, or to handle any last minute schedule or workflow changes you may have.